As renewable energy is one of the most important pillar of a sustainable and secure energy supply of the future, integrating renewable energy education in the classrooms today is of high relevance. However, not even schools focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) integrate skills and competences on renewables to an adequate extent. Pupils of schools without such a focus have even less points of contact with that future key theme. Overall, there is
a lack of educational concepts in this important field.

With this project we will we develop a transnationally useful, interdisciplinary applicable basis for education on renewables on a sufficiently detailed, country specific, target group oriented and scientifically funded level for schools of all types with age focus 10-14.

By cooperating, we will get a product that will raise the quality of teaching. It's about interdisciplinary teaching in the context of  environment, economy, climate change, renewable energy.

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